The region of Anzeinde is enjoyed by all types of sportsmen, for walking and hiking, and also for mountain biking or climbing.



The Refuge Giacomini is located on the Muverans Tour as well as on the Diablerets Massif Tour, with many hikers using taking a break there. It is also on the renowned Villars – Barboleusaz – Derborence course. There are easier walks to be enjoyed through the pastures that lead to the Pas de Cheville or the Barraud cabin, but also many more challenging hikes for more experienced walkers.

Here are some ideas for walking routes that we suggest you take in the region :

Some other route plans:

  • Tour of the Vaud Alps: Les Diablerets–Villars-sur-Ollon
  • Sanetsch-Muveran Path: Col du Sanetsch–Derborence
  • Sanetsch-Muveran Path: Derborence–Ovronnaz
  • Tour de l’Argentine: Solalex–Solalex
  • Tour des Muverans  
  • From Solalex to Derborence 
  • Tour of the Diablerets Massif



Various routes are accessible by mountain bike in the Diablerets-Villars-Gryon region. Whatever your level, whether you are a fan of marked trails, roads, or mountain passes, you will find a route to suit you.

Here are some ideas for mountain bike routes in the region:


The Anzeindaz region, located at the foot of the Diablerets Massif in the Vaud Alps, is an ideal location for climbing. The Mirror of Argentina, the climbing sites of ‘La Corde’ (upstream of the Anzeinde pasture), ‘L’Ecuelle’, or ‘Les Blocs des Essets’ are some of the most popular spots with climbers, to name just a few.



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