We cannot talk about the Anzeindaz mountain pasture which covers nearly 13 km2 without mentioning the rich and diverse fauna and flora which is typical of the Vaud Alps. Sandwiched between the two imposing massifs of Muverans and Diablerets, this location is also conducive to beautiful geological discoveries.


The Anzeindaz region is home to over half of the Swiss alpine flora and 83% of the Vaud Alpine flora, and is therefore considered to be a location of outstanding alpine beauty.


A long list of varieties can be found in the region. Examples include crocuses (crocus vernus), heathers (erica carnea), the famous Anemone vernalis, bright yellow auricula primroses (primula auricula), and even the moss campion (silene acaulis). We should also mention the superb purple saxifrages (saxfraga oppsitifolia) and alpine buttercups (renonculus pyraeneus)



The mountain pasture at the foot of the Diablerets Massif has also long been known as one of the main refuges for fauna and bird life in the Vaud Alps.

Animal species present range from large mammals such as chamois and ibexes, from big cats to the fragile black salamanders that can be found on the trail during and after hot thunderstorms, sometimes during the day. 

Several species of birds are present in the region, including the Red-billed Chough, the Yellow-billed Chough, the Rock Thrush, and also the Rock Partridge and the Rock Ptarmigan. Let’s not forget the imposing Bearded Vulture, and the majestic Golden Eagle, which make regular appearances on the Anzeindaz plateau. Various passerines such as the Common Linett, the Water Pipit, or the Wheatear also sometimes dare to show the tips of their beaks.


Dominated by rock walls over 1000 meters high, Anzeindaz is full of countless fossils, beautiful sedimentary rocks, large land folds, natural sculptures created by erosion, and traces of gigantic landslides. These features testify to a surprising geological history, beginning in the warm waters of a tropical ocean and ending in the polar chills of a mountain range.



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